Derek Fawcett "Sing along" (live album, 2016) *special edition 10" vinyl*

Electric Bass (Recorded over two performances at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall with Kevin Garcia & Eric Day, as well as tracks from Kalamazoo and another great band joining Derek!) 

Jay armstrong Johnson "Live at 54 below" (2016) 

Electric Bass (Recorded during a 3-night residency at NYC's 54 Below) 

music from "In the Magic of the Green Mountains" (CD/documentary film, 2013)

Double Bass (produced by Rob Cookman and Micah Burgess; with Tony Trischka, Larry Lelli, Levi Britton, Rob Cookman, Micah Burgess, John Benthal, and others) watch the trailer

Ann Marie Boyle “Human Nature” (2012)

Double Bass (with Jeff Moehle, drums)

You All Everybody “Lockedown” (2010)

(Self-produced original project. Tribute band to ABC’s “LOST”) Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Compositions, Arrangements, Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer

David Foster and Friends “Hit Man” (CD/DVD; Warner Bros. Records, 2008)

Double Bass (orchestra)

Dan Effland Quartet “Last Call” (2008)

Double Bass (with Tim Daisy & Jeb Bishop)

Bob Wallis “Minivan Troubadour” (2007)

Electric Bass, Double Bass (with Jeff Moehle, drums)

Todd Kessler “the Veronika EP” (2007)

Electric Bass (with Sam Smiley and Bob Parlier)

Lacona “Kicked Out Palpitations” 7” vinyl (2007)

Electric Bass

Noah Gabriel “Acoustic Chicago” CD/DVD Compilation: Stonecutter Records (2007)

Double Bass (with Ernie Adams, drums)

Salamander “Salamander” Sun Room Records (2006)

Double Bass, Improvisations

Jacob Yoffee Sextet “Temporary Suspention of Disbelief” (2004)

Double Bass, Electric Bass

Butterfat Trio “Under Dog” Hi-Lo Records (2004)

Double Bass, Composer ("Splittsiez")

Gold Company “25” (2002)

Double Bass, Electric Bass

Holly Holmes “The Climb” (2001)

Double Bass (with Michael Caskey and Bill Caskey)

Brett Farkas Trio “Brett Farkas Trio” (2001)

Electric Bass (with Jevin Hunter, drums)

Hadala/Ziegler/Garcia Trio “Hadala/Ziegler/Garcia Trio” (2000)

Double Bass

Guernica “Guernica” (1999)

Double Bass, Electric Bass

Guava "The Northeastern Ohio Groove Project" (1998)

Electric Bass


Alex Hall Studio, Chicago, IL
Attic Studios, Chicago, IL
BelAir Studio, Chicago, IL
Pressure Point Studios, Chicago, IL
Arcadia Recording, Kalamazoo, MI
Kalamazoo Recording Co, Kalamazoo, MI
Quarter Point Studio, Kalamazoo, MI
Western Sound Studios, Kalamazoo, MI
Peabody Studios, Baltimore, MD
Devil’s Workshop, Minneapolis, MN
John Kilgore Sound, NY
Skyline Studios, NJ
Sear Sound, NY, NY
Blueprint Studios, Salford, UK