be busy / by Mark Ziegler

I once again take on the recurring role of the short-term New York resident. It's always great to be here, but it's strange knowing you have a window. New experiences abound: a session in the legendary nyc studio Sear Sound; performing semi-regularly with my improv group (Your Albino Boyfriend) and going further at the Upright Citizens Brigade training center; getting the hot ticket to see Louis C.K.; recording/writing at home for some cool new projects; spontaneously heading to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf because it's Steppenwolf on Broadway and it's closing next week darnit and if we don't go now we're going to regret it and not regretting it one bit.

It may seem scatterbrained, but it's been an ongoing goal of mine to expand different areas of my creativity. Like, since I'm able to travel a lot, I've been able to get out and explore the world of photography, or that improv has become an educational experience for me. Everything can inform everything else. Some days, the music ratio is higher and some days not. I'm not sure what all of this will lead to, but I've learned a ton by going outside of my comfort zone and just doing. We're so quick to judge ourselves when it comes to our talents and hobbies - especially when we grow up. If we're not immediately good at something we judge ourselves and we're probably likely to let it fade away or simply give it up. I read a great article recently about Dave Grohl and his new documentary, Sound City. He had some great points about how kids don't need to go on these talent shows where they get up early and stand in line and sing someone else's song just to be praised (or criticized). They need to play in the garage and just suck. We're so preoccupied with being good and getting recognition and getting famous and monetizing our product and on and on (and on) that we forget to have fun. We forget to just suck. We forget to just be.
It's great to be home. I'm lucky to have a great place to spend these extended breaks from tour and I'm inspired by all of the creative people I get to associate with every day. I've told Spring she's welcome anytime and I think she'll take me up on the offer. The bike is calling.