Midnight Turkey in Paris / by Mark Ziegler

I was once in Bogota, Colombia on Thanksgiving. It wasn't my first Thanksgiving away from home, but it was my first out of the country (and the warmest Thanksgiving I've ever had). Our group was thankful, although a little skeptical, when the hotel offered to cook us a Thanksgiving meal. It turned out to be a very special and unique meal. Colombians don't have much contact with cranberries, pumpkin pie, and probably turkey. But that didn't phase them. Sure, there were omissions that would count as blasphemy at a typical turkey day dinner, but the things they came up with just from reading recipes and talking to people was pretty amazing. I love that they didn't try to copy everything exactly - how could they without access to certain ingredients? - but by applying their skills to some new parameters they were able to create something memorable. I've been thinking about that in art and music as well. Sounding like yourself no matter what, while still honoring the style. And being thankful for all those different styles, people, and gifts that we are able to share with each other. This year, we'll be eating post-show in Paris. What will they come up with? Turkey gras? Pumkpin au vin? Cranberry brûlée? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out. Let us give thanks.